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Como coach hay algo que tengo muy claro en mi trabajo...

Sólo trabajo con personas cuando estoy 100% seguro de que puedo ayudarles a alcanzar sus objetivos personales y profesionales

Y esto es lo que ellos dicen de mi...

"You've had a massive impact on my life."

"Andoni, I want to tell you you’ve had a massive impact on my life. You showed me a direction and gently encouraged me to go there, even if I was scared and didn’t believe it. You believed in me and you supported me. If I didn’t have that support at that time, I don’t believe I would have started now two different businesses and created a life I love and feel passionate about. For this I am so thankful. You’re an angel that I’ve been blessed to have pass through my life."

Laura G. - Entrepreneur & Women Coach

"Andoni ha sido el coach perfecto para mi"

"Empecé a trabajar con Andoni mientras atravesaba una encrucijada en mi vida, dando un paso atrás para revisar el impacto que quería tener y el viaje que quería seguir. ¡Andoni era el coach perfecto que estaba buscando!
Tiene ese don único de empatizar, ser totalmente objetivo, ofrecerte motivación, apoyo y las herramientas para ayudarte a sacar lo mejor de uno mismo. No conformarse simplemente con lo que está bien, sino apuntar alto para generar el mayor impacto positivo positble.

¡Y ahora siento que tengo mucha más claridad y confianza para lograrlo!
Basándose en sus propias experiencias personales y profesionales le hace muy diferente a otros coaches, sabiendo que su guía proviene de un lugar muy auténtico y bien intencionado.

Muchas gracias Andoni, espero que continúes difundiendo tu magia con tantos emprendedores con propósito como sea posible. ¡El mundo lo necesita! "

Ashley U. Emprendedor y consultor de marcas (Holanda)

"I'd not be where I am now without your help."

"Andoni, I wanna thank you for the work we have been doing in the last year and express my gratitude because I'd not be where I am now without your help.
You made me shift the way I look at business and so everything has changed since then. I feel empowered having the clarity and focus I always needed and you help me find that balance between business and contribution.
Thank you so much for your support, for your help, for your insights and for the way you are guiding."

Arja H. - Heart-centered Entrepreneur

"...simple yet very powerful tools to improve you inner state." 

“Andoni tiene la capacidad de sentir muy bien tu estado emocional y en un corto período de tiempo te proporciona herramientas simples pero muy poderosas para mejorar tu estado interior.

Su honestidad y capacidad para desafiar tu forma de pensar actual con preguntas simples pero poderosas son realmente impresionantes. Podrás experimentar los primeros resultados después de una (o algunas) sesiones ".

Dusan M. CEO and Founder at Delphium Group

"Andoni, I want to share with you how grateful I am..."

Andoni, te quiero compartir lo profundamente agradecida que me siento. Muchas de tus ideas y enseñanzas se han quedado conmigo (¡hasta el día de hoy!) Y han tenido un gran impacto para mí. Además, quería compartir cuánto se ha transformado mi vida en los últimos seis meses: he pasado a un nuevo rol global en la experiencia del empleado, que se alinea mucho mejor con mis pasiones y propósito. He reducido mi jornada de trabajo a 4 días a la semana y estoy dedicando una hora cada semana a mi trabajo voluntario y evolucionando personalmente. Lo cual me ha dado tiempo suficiente y me ha permitido crear una práctica diaria de meditación y yoga profunda. Ah, y acabo de completar mi primer retiro en silencio este fin de semana pasado durante 3 días. Quería agradecer enormemente - por encender esa chispa, hacer preguntas profundas y ayudarme a ver más allá de lo que podía ver en ese momento :) "

Charlene C. - Senior Executive at Fortune500 Company

"...the resulting impact on my life has been incredible."

"I have recently undertaken several coaching sessions with Andoni and the resulting impact on my life has been incredible. Andoni is incredibly supportive and a great listener, and seems to pick up instantly those blocks that are stopping me from being the best version of myself.

He is able to quickly help me see things from a different perspective so that I can move forward with confidence and freedom. One of Andoni's particular talents, that I have benefited from on several occasions, is his ability to generate ideas so that I can turn an idea that wasn't really working for me into something that is unique and successful.

I would very highly recommend anyone who wants to stop limiting themselves, and instead perform to their highest ability and succeed in life, to reach out to Andoni for his amazing support.

Michael L. - Leadership Coach & Speaker

"I've never enjoyed anything that much in my entire life..."

"In the last months of our coaching together, I've been filling my days with coaching, training, being a speaker.. and I've never enjoyed anything that much in my entire life.

And I know that it all started with a dream with me, but the moment I met you helped me to realize that dream so I'm very very thankful because you taught me a lot of skills that I can use now in coaching other people, so thanks for that.

And anyone who is in doubt of following a coaching program with Andoni please do so because it's the best gift that I've could give myself in 2019."

Babbette T. - Entrepreneur, Coach & Speaker

"I'm so fulfilled having a sense of freedom..."

"I was really scared because I never did something like this, but I felt I needed to find a mentor who could help me. 
Andoni is definitely a world-class coach and to be mentored 1-to-1 by him is tremendously valuable. I'm now making way more money than before and totally paid off, I'm running my retreats, creating my content consistently and I'm so fulfilled having a sense of freedom that I can feel in my body and it's really powerful because this is definitely the way I want to live my life and I feel tremendously greatful.

Sebastian V. - Thought Leader & Entrepreneur

"He's profound, compassionate, intelligent, and deeply inspiring."

"I'm 11 years in the coaching business. I've met many coaches: expensive ones, "experienced" ones, famous ones. I have one 2 hours session with Andoni and I was blown away. He was superior in so many levels to a lot of what I've seen. He's profound, compassionate, intelligent, and deeply inspiring."

Blanca V. - Leadership Coach for Women & Author

"...real results across my life personally and professionally."

"One thing I've noticed as a big change since I met Andoni is that small steps give you big things. Before when I used to think of the future I had a very ideal of it like waiting for the perfect conditions that I knew that will never going to happen so what I do now is I take very small steps to focus on those and doing those very well and that seems to have real results across my life personally and professionally."

Dan W. - Business Leader & Elected Politician

"Andoni is an excellent coach... I would highly recommend him"

"Andoni is an excellent coach and has a really keen ability to help you look at the same issues from an entirely different perspective. He listens carefully and helps to deeply analyze your responses and views. With this he is able to cast light on behavioural patterns which you didn't know about yourself. I would highly recommend him.

Morgan D. - Banking CEO, Author & Speaker

"...you make more progress, you feel better, you are more effective."

"Andoni is able to see, read, analyze and hold up a very clever mirror to you so you can see yourself the way you are and you can put together at better strategy so that you make more progress, you feel better, you are more effective and so on... and he is able to do this at a high level with high achieving people."

Wynford D. - Business Man & Thought Leader

"A true coaching craftsman, with a depth of understanding..."

"Andoni is a true coaching craftsman, with a depth of understanding and insight allowing him to dive into a journey of exploration and growth with his clients. I got a lot out of working with Andoni, and would recommend it to anyone wanting to further themselves professionally, personally and spiritually." 

Joel P. - Entrepreneur & Mental Health Advocate

"Andoni is an extremely effective and supportive coach."

"Andoni is an extremely effective and supportive coach. He listens deeply then offers profound insights and different ways of thinking. He is very thorough and helped me get to the root of the issues and find clarity. I highly recommend Andoni to anybody that is ready to look a bit deeper into themselves".

Else S. - Business Coach & Entrepreneur

"...calming, trusting and above all, very motivational." 

"The time Andoni spent helping me to dig deep into what I can achieve has lit a fire within me. He has a beautiful energy that he brings into the session, calming, trusting and above all, very motivational. I certainly have no hesitation in recommending Andoni if you need to discover more about yourself and where you can go."

Fee O. - Veganist Author

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